Emil and the Detectives


Jutter is excited to be on board with Red Earth Theatre and their next production (co-produced with mac Birmingham) Emil and the Detectives.

Jutter is currently in the process of specifying equipment for purchase to support the AV and Sound aspect of the show opening in September and touring the UK through to November. The show is including a heavy amount of projection to help with accessibility for hearing impaired children in the 8+ age bracket.

As part of the technical support for the show, Jutter will be programming the AV and Sound to allow for multiple set formats to allow for the show being performed in a wide range of venues scaling from small town and church halls through to mid scale receiving houses.

Keep checking back for news of the project as it develops.

Sweeney Todd

Jutter is back at Lakeside Arts Centre this month, following the highly acclaimed ‘Inside Out of Mind’ in June, providing Sound Programming and Operating services for New Street Theatre and Lakeside’s production of Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney Todd, directed by Martin Berry, runs from 16th July to 27th July 2013 and tickets can be booked via the Lakeside website or via the Box Office.


Jutter Programming and Operating Sound for Inside Out of Mind

Programming starts today for Inside Out of Mind at Lakeside Arts Centre. Jutter is providing Programming and Operating Services to Meeting Ground Theatre Company for the sound of the show.

The sound will feature Surround Sound in abundance to help with the key, emotive moments aiding Tanya Myer’s Direction and David Wilson’s Sound Design vision.

Equipment in use:

  • Figure 53′s Qlab 3 with iPad Remote
  • LS9-32 with Yamaha Studio Manager
  • Personus Firestudio Project
  • Echo AudioFire 8
  • 3 x Crown Xti 2000
  • 1 x MC2 T2000
  • 4 x QSC RMX 850
  • 2 x Logic System LS 15
  • 2 x Logic System LS8
  • 8 x JBL Control 23
  • 2 x Turbosound TXD-12M
  • The Sound Programming will also be responsible for controlling Richard Statham’s Lighting Design (running from an ETC Congo Jr) and Barret Hodgson’s extensive Video Design (running from Catalyst).

    Inside Out of Mind runs from 14th to 29th June at Lakeside Arts Centre. Keep an eye on Twitter for sneaky photos through Production Week.


    Inside Out of Mind


    Rehearsals started this week for Inside Out of Mind, written and directed by Tanya Myers. The show is being produced by Meeting Ground Theatre Company and Lakeside in response to a University of Nottingham Research project.

    Jutter is excited to be providing sound programming and operating services for the production at Lakeside Arts Centre running from 14th to 29th June 2013.